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It combines in-depth introductions to basic concepts with hands-on advice on technical detail and covers all relevant aspects. Crooks et al pave the way to agent-based modeling in an understandable and motivating way for my students.

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As a lecturer, I am able to structure my teaching units very well according to the book and link a number of sections of this book with concrete activities in the seminar. Therefore, this book is also a very good support for me, which I would like to recommend to other lecturers. Skip to main content. Download flyer Recommend to Library.


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Manchester Metropolitan University. Suzana Dragicevic. This title provides a broad overview of the different types of models used in advanced spatial analysis.

The models concern spatial organization, location factors and spatial interaction patterns from both static and dynamic perspectives. Each chapter gives a broad overview of the subject, covering both theoretical developments and practical applications.

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The advantages of an interdisciplinary approach are illustrated in the way that the viewpoint of each of the individual disciplines are brought together when considering questions relevant to spatial analysis. The authors of the chapters come from a range of different disciplines geography, economics, hydrology, ecology, etc.

Over the past twenty years research on the evolving relationship between GIS and Society has been expanding into a wide variety of topical areas, becoming in the process an increasingly challenging and multifaced endeavor. Stewart Fotheringham and Peter A. The SAGE Handbook of Spatial Analysis is a comprehensive and authoritative discussion of issues and techniques in the field of spatial data analysis.

Spatial Statistics: GeoSpatial Information Modeling and Thematic Mapping

Longley and Michael Batty, eds. A Drawn from archaeology, architecture, cartography, computer science, environmental science, geography, planning, remote sensing, geomatic engineering and transport studies, these applications are emerging as the basis for spatial decision support systems across a wide range of industries and jurisdictions.

Emerging spatial information systems and applications by Brian N.

Hilton, ed. E44 It also discusses key concepts and theories underlying current spatial information systems and technology trends and emerging concepts that may impact spatial information system development and applications in the future". Geospatial analysis : a comprehensive guide to principles, techniques and software tools by Michael J. De Smith; Michael F. Goodchild; Paul Longley. This Guide addresses the full spectrum of analytical techniques that are provided within modern Geographic Information Systems GIS and related geospatial software products. This book focuses on the use of open source software for geospatial analysis.

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This book provides a comprehensive view of geographical modeling. It first establishes the foundations of geographical modeling, covering such concepts as structure, organization, system, topologies, as well as the concept of time. Spatial analysis and geocomputation: selected essays by Manfred M.

This volume contains selected essays of Manfred M. Fischer in the field of spatial analysis from the perspective of GeoComputation. The volume is structured in four parts, from broad issues in spatial analysis and the role of GIS to computational intelligence technologies such as neural networks.

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Griffith; Yongwan Chun.